Looking for an inspirational message that leaves you hopeful about your worth, possibilities, and life?  Look no further.  Jennifer’s message takes you through the journey of heartbreak, perseverance, courage, and victory and inspires you to live the life God intended for you to live.

Life circumstances do not have to crush us.  We can be victorious through Jesus Christ’s Atonement. Become familiar with the tools and resources God has placed within you to aid you on your unique journey.  Discover things about yourself as Jennifer shares her story and helps you apply powerful principles to your own life.

Please contact me to schedule a presentation.

Topics cover the following subjects and can be tailored to meet your groups unique demographic, whether spiritual or secular:

  • Rejection
  • Betrayal & Self-Care
  • Self-Worth
  • Beauty & Self-Acceptance
  • Courage to Change
  • Facing Adversity with Faith in Christ
  • Purpose in Trials
  • Pageant prep (pageant workshops)



“YOU WERE AMAZING! I loved your story, and your inspirational words.”
~Rachel, youth


“Thank you so much for coming to speak to us! It was amazing! Thank you again for all that you do!!! I love you!!!”
~Livia, youth


“The topic Jennifer presented at our youth conference was absolutely inspired for our youth. She was able to bring her experiences from her past to our view in such a way that was easy to connect with and left everyone truly inspired. She told of her experiences with a variety of life’s struggles. In the midst of a devastatingly low point in her life, she miraculously decided to enter a beauty pageant. This inspiration began the amazing journey that blessed her life with the one thing she needed–that we all need–to make it successfully through this life, the ability to surrender to God and trust in his power to heal us. Jen is an author, singer/songwriter and overall wonderful individual. Her story is one to hear, as she tells and sings of her transformation through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”
~Randy Mott, Youth Conference Director


“Jennifer was the keynote speaker at our Relief Society birthday celebration, and she did a wonderful job!  She spoke about her amazing journey of overcoming trials, and learning to trust God and believe in yourself.  It was inspiring and motivating, and beautifully supported our theme of spiritual and personal growth.  She sang a gorgeous song she had written to emphasize her message, which everyone loved.   Her presentation truly made our evening a success!”
~Elissa Clegg, Relief Society President


“Jennifer presented at our event for youth ages 14-18. She spoke specifically to the young ladies about feeling their personal worth regardless of the opinions of others. Her story was engaging and memorable. The girls connected with her message and with her personally afterwards. We also enjoyed hearing her beautiful voice as she sang an original song that complimented and completed the presentation. Jennifer is very talented in many ways and her beauty -inside and out- touched the lives of our young women and helped them feel validation and hope. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting an impactful presentation.”

~Amy Hansen, Creator/director Royal Academy of Zion



“I had the opportunity to be one of those 150 teenagers [you spoke to]. You seriously made such a huge impact on me. I even cried (in a good way). And I never cry. Thank you for being such a strong, virtuous woman. I really look up to you.”
~Kailey, youth



“Loved it!”


“It was very empowering to hear about the challenges Jennifer was able to overcome to be successful in life. So often we feel it’s not possible for us. She proved it is possible.”
~Workshop Feedback


“Jennifer, your story is perfect proof and a great example of doing and following your heart.”
~Workshop Feedback


“[The presentation] made me realize what is important in life, to love myself so I can achieve my goals. The music and singing was beautiful. It was uplifting and motivational.”
~workshop Feedback


“It was inspirational. It awakened me to some of the false ideas I carry around and how to change those beliefs. It helped me see that other women share my same struggles and I am not alone.”
~Workshop Feedback