About Jen

Welcome!  My name is Jen.  I’m a wife and mother in a blended family. I’m a homeschool mom of nearly 20 years!  I have many interest and love to learn and try new things.  I feel most like who God created me to be when I’m speaking to groups, singing songs I have written, and sharing my writing with others through books or articles online.  My approach is always personal, hence the reason you are not getting the third person traditional bio right now!

My story is a journey through the depths of loss and pain on many levels and the process of both recovering and discovering the human worth, capacity, and courage that lies in each of us.  Along the way I’ve had some cool opportunities that helped shape me, like awesome mentors, interesting explorations into the world of healing, and scary challenges like participating in beauty pageants, which led me to being able to serve as Ms. Utah US Continental 2011 & 2012 and Mrs. US Ambassador 2015.  These opportunities taught me that even in the midst of awful struggle God can use us in wonderful ways.

You can connect with me on FB here.  Or buy my book here. Or read my Blog . Thanks for stopping by!