This is just an update post.  I was at my chiropractor this past week getting adjusted and it turns out I did too much stretching too fast and aggravated an old injury in my hip.  So this dance journey is going to go slower than I had hoped 🙁  Isn’t that just life?!

In the meantime, I have joined forces with a global organization promoting the peace and prosperity of our brothers and sisters in other nations.  This will be a new and exciting adventure for me.  Definitely an opportunity for growth!  I’ve visited with the founder twice since Saturday and just the little bit of discussion we had left me feeling immense gratitude for the many blessings in my life. So, today’s thought:  Consider one way in which God has blessed you and thank Him for it, sincerely.

Also, I read a post today by a woman who had a goal to read 50 book last year and did it.  I found that inspiring.  I LOVE to read, but have made little time to do so for awhile.  I think I’m going to challenge myself in a similar way, only I’m going to go with a span of reading between 35-45 books this year.  That gives me a little wiggle room, as I am quite busy!

I’d also really like to start sharing some of the hard-won wisdom I’ve gained regarding self-worth and self-confidence.  So many women (and girls) have no idea how amazing they really are.  Still need to figure out the best way to do that!  If you have suggestions on what you’d like me to cover, or what format you prefer, please contact me!