The Beauty of Serving Others in Simple Ways

I’ve never been a person who needs a lot of friends.  I’ve always been content with a small circle.  But as traumas and challenges came that were consuming in my life, I pretty much closed my circle to only the essential family interactions.  I just didn’t have energy to do the friend thing.  I didn’t realized until I started opening back up how much joy and connection come from our interactions with other people.

Last fall, my husband and I were talking and concluded that most people just want to know that others care about them.  They want to be remembered once in awhile, thought of.  So we quietly started reaching out to people in our neighborhood and community in small ways, and we could tell that it was really needed, wanted, and appreciated.  We also discussed how over the years, in our moments of greatest need (or even just day to day) people hadn’t really reached out to us.  We decided we didn’t want others to experience what we had experienced.  We would reach out.  So now we try to make a difference to those we see and interact with on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even occasional basis.  There are people all around us who are silently crying out for a kind word, a smile, a hug, a friend.  We can bring those things to them.  And it doesn’t even take much time or effort.

The interesting thing was that when we started doing this I suddenly found time for friends again.  And, as I have shared my love and appreciation for those friends with them, from a genuine place with no thought of return, the rewards have been profound.  I, in turn, have felt deeply loved and appreciated by them.  That’s the cool part.  When we love others without expectation we find fulfillment, joy, and acceptance for ourselves.  Want to add a some real beauty to your life and the lives of others?  Let a few people into your heart by giving a little of your heart in kind and healthy ways.