Do You Know Your Worth?


Do you know your worth?  If not, how do you capture it?  Believe it?  Embrace it?

First, you must recognize that the uncovering of YOU is a journey.  You don’t just suddenly arrive one day, filled with an overflowing sense of worth that never vanishes.  On the contrary, if a sense of worth is something you’ve struggled with for any length of time, you have work to do–beliefs to change, voices to silence, and garbage to throw out of your soul.  But that’s why you’re here right?  Seeking answers.

Well, if you’re wondering where to begin, read on.

This might sound frustrating, but begin where you are.  Take one action today that will help you recover a sense of love and acceptance toward yourself.  Participate in some form of therapy, try a non-traditional healing modality, read a book or an article, watch an inspiring TED talk, meditate, listen to your soul, talk to somebody you admire.  You never know who will give you the next tiny piece of your personal puzzle.

Recently, I did something a little uncharacteristic for me.  I put a post on Facebook about where I’d been emotionally over the last 7 years, and what I was currently struggling with.  So many people reached out publicly and privately to offer support and encouragement.  Many offered their services.  I immediately felt drawn to one of those services.  I booked her first, and then several others, but after a few days canceled all but the first.  In my heart I knew she was the only one that had what I needed at that exact moment on my journey.  And I was right.  She said one thing in just the right way that helped me see myself as the unique person that I am–AND to see that truth as pretty darn cool. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had locked myself in to rigid societal beliefs and drowned my voice in the sound of other people’s advice and opinions telling me that they way I do things (and consequently who I am) is wrong, that I needed to follow some prescribed method for success.  My need to please others combined with the voices of “experts” saying ‘this is how it’s done’, literally created a debilitating block of confusion because I’m different and couldn’t comply with these “demands”. The more I tried to fit into a mold the more I lost touch with who I really am.  The more I shut off my real voice the less healthy and more confused I became. I now see my unique set of gift as a blessing and not a curse.  It’s okay if I do it differently than everybody else.  I can love me just as I am right now.  And so can you.

Now, if you’ve experienced relationship trauma or abuse, like I have, you have some added work to do to regain, or retain, your sense of worth.  But you’re strong, and courageous, and seeking answers (or else you wouldn’t be here).  And if you continue to read my blog, or any of my books, you may find a few things that work for you.  I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve learned A LOT!  And I’m still learning, but maybe I can give you a piece of your puzzle, like so many others have done for me along the way.