The Love Yourself Dare

The Love Yourself Dare
by Jennifer Manges


From the back cover:

The Love Yourself Dare chronicles one woman’s story as she seeks to overcome self-loathing and damaging beauty beliefs that left her feeling like she would never be happy. Join her as she struggles to find peace and healing within. And discover the victory she experiences as she focuses on changing her heart instead of her physical appearance.

Then after you read the book, take the Dares! Use the 45 strategies included after the story to reconnect with your soul and start honoring yourself again.

This is my story, written in vignette style. It briefly covers a few of the things that caused me pain in my first marriage, but the story mainly focuses on my healing journey, which was VERY unusual. Then after the story I challenge the reader to 45 “dares”. These are just a few of the things I did personally to reconnect with and restore my soul–to begin honoring myself again.


You can order your copy of The Love Yourself Dare here (link coming soon!).


Some feedback from readers [SPOILER ALERT]:

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE… appreciate, etc X100000 your book. I read it in two days… would’ve read it in one sitting but alas my eyes fell asleep.
My heart and soul soaked up so many parts. Thank you from the bottom of my eternal soul for writing your experiences. I have been fed in so many countless ways. I cried when you and your daughter were crowned the same night… and many other times..”

“As I started reading “The Love Yourself Dare”, it resonated to my core. At times I put it down in denial that the principles and truths she shares in this incredible book could truly be applied to someone as worthless as me. In the end however, a voice, buried deep within would force me to pick it up and read from its pages again. Applying the truths and slowly opening my heart to realize I have allowed the voice of critics to have far too much impact on my life.

As I finished her book and started on Dare #1 I realized I had to share my own short story of how much this book can change your life. I am in the beginning stages of my “self love dare”. Knowing the struggle I went through just to read this book lets me know that the dares and challenges ahead will be a rough and long journey, but it will be worth it in the end. I encourage anyone who is struggling to feel beautiful and worthwhile to get Jen’s book. But you must read it, cover to cover, and then apply the things that resonate with your heart.”