Including God in Our Plans

Last year, during a six month period I was offered some pretty amazing opportunities.  The first would bring attention, validation, and accolades.  It was easy to pass it up.  The second offered prestige and authority in an area of great importance to me.  But specific details of the arrangement didn’t sit right with me, so I passed it up too.  The third opportunity offered everything I thought I ever wanted: partnership with a well-connected public figure, an immediate audience to present to, the facilitation and creation of content based on my own experiences and growth, the use of my talents in the perfect venue for my gifts.  But you know what?  I could NOT for the life of me feel peace about it, only confusion.  So I passed that up too.

Now, it would be easy to judge and perhaps say, “She just has a block to success.”  And I’ve actually had a friend judge me that way.  And perhaps at one time I did have a block, or fear, but that wasn’t the case during this six month period, nor is it the case now. I’ve come to a point where the success God desires for me is the success I want to pursue, and that doesn’t always look the way I think it should.  Success can be efforts in the community promoting a message that lifts others, it can be a business venture, or specific service, but it can also be regaining physical and emotional health after years of intense stress and struggle, or organizing your home, or being still.  And sometimes it is the outward thing, but the timing is off.  The important thing is to listen to the whisperings of the Spirit.  Obeying God’s will is success, no matter how small the action.

I recently had two opportunities that seemed like they would be great for me, but the Spirit spoke to me early one morning last week, reminding me that God’s will for me is what is most important. So I studied out the options, weighed the pros and cons, and ended up approaching the Lord with a completely different decision than I originally had made, which He validated with peace. He also gave me simple instruction, which I came to understand is the absolute perfect guidance for my life at this time.  And I feel SO good about it.  When we include God in our plans we will have the peace we need, and keep our lives free of unnecessary complication and stress.  The path to success is on our knees.