Hygee challenge Update and Books to Change Your Life

Week two of my Hygee Challenge resulted in my being sick with a sinus infection all week long.  Yuck.  It was definitely a slow week and I was able to read a bit, and, by virtue of my illness, self-nurture a bit more than I might have otherwise.

Week three (this week) I did some things that I haven’t done in awhile.  I painted my toe nails.  They are an awesome gold glitter!  I love them!  I also went to the tanning salon, something I haven’t done in ten years.  I am not big on tanning.  I just don’t do it, unless I have a reason, and then I spray tan.  I actually don’t like the way I look with a spray tan.  And I don’t like using the beds because I don’t like drying out my already Utah-dry skin. But yesterday I did both, one right after the other.  I also started using the inside of a fresh lemon rind on my fingernails every morning (been doing this for several weeks) and my nails have gone from breaking all the time to strong and healthy looking.  You just cut the lemon rind away from the fruit and rub the white part directly on your nails.  I got the idea from a natural beauty treatments book I found at the library.

Speaking of books, I mentioned some that could change your life.  I have read these three books in the last few weeks, and I have been changed.  I am not going to write a big review on each, but I will say a few words.

Uninvited, by Lysa Terkeurst, confronts that problem of rejection (and self-rejection) head-on, and in a raw, authentic, and totally relatable way. She gently invites the reader to do the hard work of confronting the belief that they are not enough.  Her words are beautiful and helpful to those seeking healing of the inner self.

The Little Things, by Andy Andrews.  My mom bought this book for all six of her children because she loved it so much.  And it is definitely worth reading. It is a quick read full of truths that will challenge your beliefs about success, and, well…the little things that make a huge difference in the results and experience you have in life.  It reinforced many things I already understood, and helped me see a few things in a new light.  After reading this book I was able to make some connections in my personal life to understanding I had been seeking.  That’s empowering!

The Kindness Diaries, by Leon Logothetis.  This book has really helped me see people differently.  We really have no idea what people are going through. In this book, Leon heads out on a motorbike across the world relying entirely on the kindness of strangers for food, fuel and lodging.  As part of the journey, when he meets someone special, he gives back–amazing gifts that make all the difference for those receiving them.  I love this book!  I love how it reminds each of us that we literally can change people’s lives by acts of kindness, and also be changed ourselves through the genuine connection and love built between humans when we take the time to let others into our lives.  I recommend you read the book and you watch the series on Netflix for full emersion in the experiences he shares.

Well, that’s a wrap.  I’ve got some deadlines that require a lot of busyness for the month of May.  I will still try and incorporate hygee into my daily routine. I’ll let you know how it goes!