Joy Exchange

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a Joy Exchange through the My Giant Strawberry website.  Each participant gave their contact information to Anne (the owner of the site) and she gave it to another participant.  The idea was to make something by hand and send it to that person to fill their life with a little joy.

I was able to send a handmade book to a new friend in Australia.  The cool thing about this match was that she was experiencing some challenges that I had already been through.  God’s hand was totally in this match up!  I love how that happens!  Here’s what I sent her:




My package came from a new Italian friend, currently living in England.  Her package came with a joy-filled note and adorable crocheted chicken/rooster egg covers, with Cadbury eggs inside.  My kids and I delighted in the cuteness of this gift, and the sweetness of the candy 🙂  Here is what she sent me:

IMG_3175 web

IMG_3171 web

IMG_3169 web

I think Anne was inspired to organize such a fun exchange!  It’s amazing how a little handmade gift and a kind note can brighten a person’s day! You can see the post about the exchange on her site HERE.

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