Four Week Hygee Challenge


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If you asked my husband, he would say I’m very efficient.  I get a lot done.  I don’t like wasting time.  I make the most of every moment… or do I?  What does that really mean?  To make the most of each moment?  I guess until today I thought it meant filling each moment with worthy pursuits, getting as much done as possible, maximizing my resources.  Ha! Isn’t that the lie that we all buy?  Fill your time.  Fill your house.  Fill your schedule.  Fill your life.  Fill it till there’s no space left.  And then feel puzzled and confused at why your not feeling joy.

A life bursting with worthy pursuits can feel meaningless if there’s no space for joy.

I’m tired a lot.  I work hard.  I have a lot of responsibilities.  That said, I’m content, happy even, but not joyful.  I don’t let my soul savor.  I don’t let my mind wander.  I don’t still the constant movement.  I am perpetually in motion, and perpetually void of joy.

How do you let joy in? How do you fill  your life with joy?



Slowing down allows space, and space allows joy to enter.  Joy is a choice, a state of being, brought into being by consciously acting in ways that invite it.

So, the challenge? 

For the next 4 weeks I am going to do one thing daily (the same thing all week) that helps me slow down.  Obviously I can’t scrap all my responsibilities, but I can consciously choose to create space in my life to savor the moments.  The moments where joy is found.  My grandparents knew joy because they knew the art of living slowly.  They knew how to savor the truly meaningful things in life.  I live in an era where I have to be more conscious and purposeful to experience that.

I was introduced to a new word this week, and I think it’s especially meaningful because of how much Danish ancestry I have.  The word is hygee (pronounced hooga).  Maybe you’ve already heard of it?  It’s basically the art of living a cozy life–enjoying the slow and simple things.  So I guess you could say this is my mini hygee experiment.  One simple thing each day to slow down.

Please join me on this journey!  You can choose the same thing I’m doing or create your own slow activity.  Share your comments here or tag me on Instagram @jennifermangescreative and #hygeechallenge to share how you’re slowing down.

Week One

Write or doodle on a paper for at least 5 minutes in your non-dominant hand.  Try writing in cursive.  You’ll probably have to really slow down!  Write something each day and share! 

I realize this challenge might not capture the full essence of coziness that hygee embodies, but I’m going for first steps and simple acts to begin this process  🙂