Real Beauty is Found in Authenticity

We live in a culture that is fixated on external appearances. And I spent far too many years trapped in that narrow focus, always feeling inadequate.

Beauty is found in diversity and authenticity.

Now, I have to be honest. My friends and I did our first FB live musical presentation last Sunday. It was my first experience with FB live and I have to say. . . I hated it, for a number of reasons.

But as I’ve pondered over the week, I’ve discovered that one of those reasons is that I like putting my best foot forward. I appreciate and expect a certain level of professionalism from myself, especially when performing. And our little presentation was clearly unpolished and about as authentic as you can get.

Yet, today I found a website of a woman who has, over the last 5 years, chronicled her journey to becoming a watercolor artist. When she started, her best foot wasn’t super great, but you know what? It was so inspiring to see because she was TRYING and she wasn’t afraid to say “This is who I am and this is where I’m at.” She has inspired numberless people over these few short years because of her bravery.

Courage is beautiful.

I wrote in my book, The Love Yourself Dare that, “Every time I fall short of my expectations, there is still beauty to be found in the reaching.”

So what I’m trying to get at here is that we may not appear the way we hope to appear to others, we may fall short, we may really stink at our attempts to share and become, but there is beauty in those messes and in those attempts.

Let’s try and see the beauty that lies within.

Let’s lay aside judgment and preconceived notions of what we “should” be and let our natural appeal come forth.

So, here is a new song I wrote.  You’re getting it raw and authentic. Even though I really wanted to fix some stuff about it, I’m giving you the first take!

The song starts at 2:44 (before that is the message you read above).