Can Perspective Set You Free?

Letting Go
© Jennifer Manges

I’m going to answer my own question with a big, huge ABSOLUTELY!!!

YES, perspective is freeing.

Not too long ago I had an experience where I came to understand that I was holding on to regrets that were filling me with feelings of anger and blame that I was directing at others.  You can never find happiness when you place the responsibility for your happiness on others’ behavior.  That is what my Ex-husband had done to me during our marriage, and I was well aware of the results. As soon as I recognized what was going on I was filled with compassion for my Ex husband, and was totally able to forgive any shred of lingering hurt I still harbored regarding our past. I was also immediately unwilling to travel any further down my current path, knowing full-well where it would lead me.  In short, by recognizing and letting go of that regret, I was freed from the prison of my own mind and emotions.

And it was a game-changer for me.

I’m reminded of another time in my life where I realized that my own mindset was the cause of much of my suffering. I have sort of a crazy healing story. The short version is that after suffering with feelings of self-loathing and ugliness for years I felt compelled to compete in a beauty pageant. It was during the most difficult time in my first marriage. I think I must have been crazy to go through with it! But compete I did.

After the competition (in which I didn’t place), I had some seriously contemplative moments and a couple of songs came out of them. One of those songs I titled “Letting Go”.  It expresses a moment or awareness, accountability and resolution. The kind of moment that brings perspective, and, if you let it– change. I hope it gives you hope.

P.S. This song was released on Nancy DeMello’s album “Faith, Hope and Love” a few years ago. You can buy it on amazon.