“We Belong” A Light-Hearted Love Song

Ready for some behind the song details?  You’re gonna laugh, or at least say ‘Oh my gosh…”

Yesterday I posted this video to my personal facebook page.  Recently, I have been down-sizing and transferring everything that I have on CD to an external hard drive.  In the process I came across this video.  I don’t even remember recording it, but I remember writing the song.  I wrote it and recorded it in 2011 while living at my parents house after my divorce.  I was dating my husband at the time, who was the reason for writing the song. The situation was actually quite funny because here I was a full-blown adult in my late 30’s dating under my parents roof! Can you imagine trying not to get caught by your dad while making out at that age?  It was like some ridiculous, pathetic movie scene, but TOTALLY Hilarious!  It was what it was.  We have a lot of good laughs about those times!

So anyway, the song is a love song.  It’s just a fun, cute kind of lyric and melody.  I hope it makes you feel light-hearted and remember those you love!

We Belong
© Words & Music by Jennifer Manges