The Savior’s Christmas Gift to Me

Song: “Night of the Lord”
Words, Music & Vocals by Jennifer Manges

Thanksgiving Point

I received a gift for Christmas from the Savior this year.  I received it early. . . oh, but it felt like it was so long overdue!  And yet, I know it was in His perfect timing.  This year he has given me healing– true, deep healing in some very important areas of my life.  The kind of healing that brings with it knowledge, perspective, understanding and charity.  I guess you could say he showered gifts upon me.  There are still areas of my life that need healing, but the gifts I received can be applied to every other area of my life, and for that I am truly grateful.

One of the gifts God gave me a long time ago, to help me get through my struggles, was the gift of song.  And I used it. . .a lot. . . writing hundreds of songs of faith to process my pain and strengthen my heart.  But over the last 5 years I have rarely picked up a pen, played a chord, or sung a note.  I was in the depths of hell–no music, no laughter, no joy, no answers, no reprieve.  But I pushed forward with faith, never giving up on the Lord, hoping when hope felt gone that I would be whole again.  Well, help comes to those who help themselves.  I reached out in ways I hadn’t before and found miracles.  And then more pain.  And then. . . freedom.  Healing is when you are given the type of understanding that totally frees you emotionally, like whatever happened feels like it happened to someone else.  Judgment is gone, your thoughts are straightened out,  and you don’t hurt anymore.  It is a miracle.  It doesn’t mean you don’t have problems, or emotional baggage in other areas.  It just means you’ve been given an amazing gift, won by faith, hard work, time and the grace of Jesus Christ through the miracle and power of His Atonement.  That gift can help you address the other areas of your life where you’re struggling.

So, how do you repay something like that?  You really can’t.  But you can show gratitude by sharing your gifts with others.  You can help give others hope and strengthen their faith.  I’m not, and never have been a musician, but my heart is filled with songs.  My skills are lacking and because of that I have hidden for most of my life. But my intentions are pure and my gratitude to my Savior is my motivation for opening my mouth in song.  So, I’ll start by sharing a song that I actually had the opportunity to record in the studio.  I wrote this song over a decade ago, and many of my friends have heard it before, but the message of the Savior never gets old.  This song appeared on the compilation album “Come to Bethlehem” through inVoice Records back in 2002.  I hope it brings joy to you this holiday season!






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