Don’t Judge Your Offering

My past is littered with the remains of projects judged, attempts ridiculed and efforts condemned. Sadly, I am the one who caused the death of these offerings. I used to walk through this graveyard and feel self-loathing, but today, if I happen to visit a memory there, I leave flowers on the gravestones of the past. I love that I tried. I love the strength that has developed from the courage it took to put myself out there and offer who I am to this sometimes cruel world. It was in those moments, those offerings that beauty was emerging within my soul.

This didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken me a long time to get to where I can see my efforts with clear eyes and be happy with my results. There is so much strength, knowledge and fulfillment that comes from knowing you TRIED something, and DID IT, even if you didn’t do it as well as you might like. If you tried, you’ve done more than the 92% of people who just TALK about doing something. And that’s something to be proud of.

So, my advice to you, from one who’s been there . . . practice suspending judgment on what you have to offer this world, whether it’s your creativity, your love, your service, you voice, your warmth, your compassion, your knowledge, your wealth, your experience, your talents, etc. Use it. Put it out there and let it touch who it will. Continue to hone it, improve it, refine it, if you’re not content with your level of mastery, but don’t judge it. Judging it steals the space that you need to let it grow and develop.

Believe in yourself. You’re worth it.