Just Because You Feel It, Doesn’t Make it True

There are these crazy things in our bodies called emotions. We love the positive ones. But we hate the negative ones. And we expend an awful lot of energy trying to ignore them when they feel yucky. The problem with that is we can’t move past what we won’t acknowledge or address.

We tend to think that if we feel it, and we feel it repeatedly, that it’s true.

That’s a LIE.

If we feel something repeatedly, all it really means is we haven’t learned the lesson attached to whatever triggered the feeling. One of the best things we can do with negative emotions is listen to them, feel them and express them in healthy ways.

I know, easier said than done. Sometimes it takes a trained therapist to help us through the really tough ones. Whatever it takes, it’s worth the effort.

Let’s look at an example. A specific intense incident kept occurring in my life that made me feel worthless. The thought behind it was “I’m not worthy of love”. Because I felt this way so overwhelmingly (like body chemically flooded with adrenaline overwhelmed) I believed the thought attached to it. The length, intensity and frequency of the emotional reaction cemented the belief in my brain and cells. In my case I actually had to get therapy for trauma to reprogram the belief in my brain because it was chemically hard wired within me and everything else I had tried to do to change it had failed. The treatment was miraculous for me! Once I could separate myself from the belief and see it clearly I realized that it was a lie. I have felt empowered ever since.

Author Valerie Ackley has written a children’s book that deals with the power of thoughts. It’s an awesome resource for any age.   And especially great knowledge to equip children with.