3 Quick Tips to Boost Confidence Immediately

1). Stand up Tall

They say Psychology follows physiology. Straighten your spine, pull your shoulders back, feel the confidence rise within you.


2). Make Eye Contact and Smile at People

Making eye contact with others and smiling immediately communicates that you are confident, friendly and approachable. It has become a bit of a forgotten art in our culture. Practice doing this for confidence and friends.


3). Think of Others Instead of Yourself

I was giving a young woman some advice recently. She was complaining of a lack of friends. If you find yourself in this situation consider how much focus you give to yourself. If you are always worried about how you look, appear to others, sound, act and whether or not your getting “liked” or followed, etc. you are thinking only of yourself. When you start reaching out to people because you care you will stop thinking about yourself and automatically draw people to you. Listen to, compliment and do kind things for other people, but be genuine.