It’s Never Too Late to Spread Your Wings

Do you ever feel discouraged?  Like life has passed you by?  Like you’ve missed your opportunity to be or do that thing you always dreamed of ?  I’ve felt that way many times.  But the reality is, I didn’t let my dreams pass me by, I made other choices.  I chose to raise children and homeschool them, to be a homemaker, and live my religion.  All incredible things!  During those years I developed a lot of talents–talents that got me through hard times because I could use them to express my emotions.  This helped me stay healthy. Remembering these things helps me feel happy and content when the something’s-missing-monster comes calling.

When I find myself feeling like I “should” be more successful I stop and remind myself that I AM successful in the ways that matter most to me.  I also remind myself that I can always pursue my dreams at any age.  It’s never too late.

Do you remember a few years back on Britain’s Got Talent, singer Susan Boyle? She was 47 when she began a singing career. The awesome thing about the world we live in and the time we live is that we can do whatever we want! We are really only limited by our beliefs about what is possible.

Watch this video. I found it so inspiring. It’s really never too late to spread your wings!

What do you dream of doing that seems impossible? What would it take to make it happen? Is there a way to overcome those hurdles? How bad do you want it?  Nothing is possible if only you believe!